TINZT Grants

Grant applications are currently closed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:     What’s the criteria?
A:     TINZT has funding for tourism-related projects and initiatives large and small that meet one of more of our aims. Due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and cancellation of the annual TRENZ event the trustees have elected to defer any grant applications until at least June 2021.

TINZT will then have funding available for great projects or initiatives that contribute to one or more of our aims:

  • Increase the knowledge of people working in New Zealand’s tourism industry
  • Educate New Zealanders about our tourism industry
  • Encourage and promote a tourism industry based on the sustainable use and preservation of New Zealand’s natural assets


Q:        Who can apply?
A:        Anyone can apply that meets one or more of our aims. That includes associations,
           companies, educational institutions and other organisations and individuals.


Q:       How do I apply?

A:       Complete the application form and email to info@tinzt.org.nz. A Word version can be found here.  


Q:       How much can I apply for?

A:       There is no set limit. TINZT Trustees want the Grants to go towards significant projects and
          initiatives that will benefit our tourism industry. 

          Your application will be considered as long as it meets one or more of our aims. 


Q:        What conditions are imposed on successful grant applicants?

A:        TINZT may apply appropriate conditions to approved grants to ensure the funding is used
           as intended.

           In some cases, TINZT will impose monitoring and reporting back conditions.


Q:        Do I need to match the TINZT Grant funding?
A:        There is no requirement for matched funding, though this can be requested.


Q:       What are the conditions around research projects?
A:       As well as meeting one or more of the TINZT aims, the research must be original and must
          be made publicly available on completion.

          If payments are made to a third party for a particular or designated charitable purpose, the
          Trustees shall not be responsible for the application of any payment once made.

Q:       Does sponsorship qualify? 
A:        No, sponsorship does not qualify (of an event or anything else). However, you can
           apply for a grant for a specific purpose, for example to help bring an expert speaker to an


Q:      Who assesses grant applications?
A:      TINZT grant applications are assessed by the Trustees


Q:       When can I make a grant application and when are they assessed?
A:       Grant applications can be submitted at any time. The Trustees meet quarterly (February,
          May, August and November) to consider applications and make sure the grants are used to
          best advantage.


Q:      Does TINZT consider retrospective applications
A:       TINZT doesn’t approve grant applications if the project or initiative has been completed by
          the time the Trustees meet to determine the application.


Q:      Who has received TINZT Grants?
A:       Recent recipients of TINZT Grants include:

  • The New Zealand Recreation Association received a grant to support the development of Good Practice Guidelines which will help strengthen safety in the commercial recreation and adventure tourism sector




Q:       Where do I go for more information?
A:       Email info@tinzt.org.nz

See past successful grant applications here.