TINZT Grants

TINZT has funds available for distribution to associations, companies or individuals for projects or ideas that will further the aims and criteria of the Trust.

Applications can be made at any time.

TINZT Grant Application Form 

The small print

  1. The Trustees will meet four times a year to consider distribution issues. 
    This will enable the Trustees to consider a range of applications to make sure the available resources are used to best advantage.
  2. Is there a minimum or maximum grant application figure?
    The Trustees wish the Trust to be a resource for all sections of the tourism industry. All applications will be considered, whether your requirements are small or your aspirations are great.
  3. Does the Trust consider retrospective applications?
    The Trust will generally not provide grant aid where the project has been completed by the time the Trustees meet to determine the application.
  4. The Trust will not necessarily require matched funding as a condition of the grant aid.
    The Trustees do not have a requirement for matched funding but reserve the right to ask for it where it seems right to do so.
  5. The Trustees will apply appropriate conditions to any approved grant.
    This is to ensure that the funding is used as intended. In some cases it is possible that the Trust will impose monitoring and reporting back conditions.
  6. The Trustees are not responsible for the application of funds once made to a third party.
    If payments are made to a third party for a particular or designated charitable purpose, the Trustees shall not be responsible for the application of any payment once made.



Successful grant applications






Support the development of the ‘Promoting Tourism as a Career’ project


Support a range of business capability workshops organised by TIA


Fund the Schools' membership programme being undertaken by TIA


Support 12 Adventure Safety workshops


Support the keynote speaker at the 2015 TIA National Tourism Summit




Support the delivery of 12 Regional Tourism Summits
Support for TIA's six Discussing Tourism regional events

Support for regional Discussion Tourism Forums
Support for a keynote speaker at the 2017 Tourism Summit Aotearoa
Funding of the New Zealand Recreation Association safety guidelines
Support for the New Zealand Tourism Sustainability Commitment